Jalynn McClain comments on signing with WKU

Just got off the phone with Jeffersonville (Ind.) senior forward Jalynn McClain, who signed her National Letter of Intent with Western Kentucky today.

“I’m very blessed, and I thank God for it,” McClain said. “I’m kind of glad it’s all over because now I can just focus on my senior year. I feel like I can finish it out without worrying.”

McClain tore her ACL in June and has been rehabbing since. She said she’s resumed running on her own, but won’t know more about her status until she returns to the doctor in December.

McClain said she’s still hoping to return to the court in January, although she won’t push things.

“I’m doing a lot of running on my own,” she said. “I don’t want to rush it, so I haven’t been doing anything too serious. I’ll shoot around with the team at practice, but I can’t really cut yet.”

The Lady Toppers are also expected to receive a commitment today from Green County senior guard Micah Jones, who confirmed Monday that she would sign today.

McClain said she has spoken with Jones through Facebook, but that the two haven’t met in person.

WKU coach Mary Taylor Cowles is set to talk to the media today about the team’s opener against Towson on Saturday, and it’s likely she’ll comment on the two recruits if both of their official letters of intent have been received.

McClain averaged 15.6 points and six rebounds as a junior last season.

“I like to compete,” she said. “That and my leadership. I think I’m a good leader. Like right now, I’m not playing, but I have to be a leader for my team. Since I’m out, I get to be a little cheerleader on the bench.

“But I’m a good rebounder, and I’m strong. I was also working on my jumper before the injury, and I’ll keep working on that so that I can be a better outside shooter as well.”


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