Micah Jones, Mary Taylor Cowles talk about Jones’ signing with WKU

Local media just met with WKU coach Mary Taylor Cowles in preparation for the Lady Toppers’ home opener against Towson at 4 p.m. Saturday.

At that time, WKU just had an official letter of intent from Green County senior guard Micah Jones. Jeffersonville (Ind.) Jalynn McClain said she has signed and sent her paperwork, but Jones was the only recruit WKU was prepared to comment on at about 4:45 p.m. today.

But Cowles did take some time to talk about what Jones brings to the team, and I also spoke with Jones moments before that on the phone.

Jones sat out her junior season with a torn ACL, but averaged 15.2 points per game as a sophomore at Green County.

Here’s what she and Cowles had to say today:

Micah Jones

On what sold her on WKU:

“They always seemed interested. They came to all of my games, and I have friends there that seem to love it. The team acts like a family and they all get along, and the coaches are really easy to get along with.”

On talking with fellow signee Jalynn McClain about McClain’s recent ACL tear:

“She added me on Facebook, and we started talking a little bit. She had just kind of started the whole process, so I tried to pep her up a little bit because she seemed down.”

On how her return to the court has been going:

“I’ve been working on my shooting. I usually can get some steals, so I’m trying to get back to that – just everything that goes with the guard position, I guess.”

Mary Taylor Cowles

On Jones’ signing:

“That’s a long time coming. Micah’s a great player that brings a wealth of knowledge for the game of basketball. She’s been on our campus a lot. I feel like she’s already one of us because she’s been around so much. She’s one of those that we’ve really wanted for a long time, so when she signed on the dotted line, it’s been a fun day for us in our office.”

On Jones’ strengths:

“She has experience on the perimeter, both at the point and stepping to the wing. She can shoot the basketball, but Micah Jones understands how basketball is played.”

On if the staff considered backing off their recruitment after Jones’ injury:

“We never batted an eye, never doubted if we wanted Micah or not, even after the ACL injury. The offer had been extended, and it didn’t change our mind at all. We let her know that very quick. I didn’t want her to worry about the recruiting process so that she could focus on getting her knee, her body and getting herself mentally and physically ready to go.”


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