Lady Tops blow lead at ULM – postgame comments

BGDN men’s basketball writer Chad Bishop is in Monroe, La., covering both WKU basketball games tonight.

He passed along comments from Lady Topper coach Mary Taylor Cowles and senior forward Teranie Thomas after WKU’s 53-49 loss to ULM in Thursday’s opening contest.

The Lady Toppers led by 15 with less than 10 minutes to play, but lost the lead with a little more than a minute remaining and didn’t have a field goal in the last six minutes and change.

WKU shot 28.3 percent in the game and recorded three assists with 25 turnovers. Senior forward Keshia Mosley led the team with 11 points.

Here are the comments from Thomas and Cowles collected by Chad in Monroe:

Teranie Thomas   

“We didn’t take care of the ball. We didn’t make layups. That’s basically how we lost the game.”       

“I think that our main thing is we didn’t care of the ball, we had way too many turnovers and they basically got layups off that. We need to finish around the basket.”   

“We can’t get down on ourselves. When we go to practice, we need to be more focused on making those layups and going hard in practice so when we get to the game it won’t be so much faster because we didn’t go hard in practice.”

Mary Taylor Cowles   

“We didn’t respond very well to it. They got on a run. Offensively we still had some great looks in our half-court game and our baseline-out of bounds game – we couldn’t connect on layups, some open shots and they got on a roll and just really did some nice things. They went much harder to the offensive glass which we already knew how good of an offensive rebounding team that they were. There in the stretch when they needed it, they just really put forth some strong effort.”

On Fothergill’s final 3-point attempt:

“It’s a play that we have. It didn’t have to be a three, because we were only down two. It was a play that we have – great baseline out of bounds play. She’s a great player. Any other day of the week she’s gonna make that shot. There’s lot of options on that play.”   

“You go back to work. That’s plain and simple. We’re in conference season. We’re back at home now and get to concentrate on being back in Diddle and just simply getting back to work between now and next Wednesday morning.”


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