Lady Tops fall at North Texas – postgame quotes

The BGDN’s Chad Bishop was kind enough to pass along some quotes tonight from Denton, Texas, where the Lady Toppers fell 50-42 to North Texas.
WKU missed 10 of its first 11 shots and fell behind by as many as 16 in the first half, allowing North Texas guard Laura McCoy to knock down six 3-pointers.
The Lady Toppers tontinue their road trip Sunday at Denver.
Here are postgame comments from senior forward Keshia Mosley, senior center Jasmine Johnson and coach Mary Taylor Cowles:
Keshia Mosley
On the slow first-half start:
“We just gotta execute our plays. Our offense looked a little shaky. If we come out and execute that and get stops on defense, it’ll be fine.”
Laura McCoy making six 3s:

“It’s very frustrating considering we knew the personnel way before we got on the floor that she was a shooter and to stop that. That’s something that we gotta work on in practice.”

Sunday’s game at Denver:
“We need to stay focused and be more concerned on personnel, each one of us – post players, guards – whoever we’re guarding out there we need to know personnel to win against Denver. We got to keep, I believe it’s Murdoch, keep her off the boards, keep her from scoring because she’s a very good player.”

Jasmine Johnson

First half:

“We weren’t really focused at all. We did bad turnovers. We weren’t making shots and they were being very physical with us and we weren’t trying to be very physical back. They tried to get the post players in foul trouble and we were doing turnovers.”

On returning to Texas:

“It was nice – it was different. I’m not really used to them coming to the games any more and it was real nice.”

 “It made us wanna play really hard because our parents were here and they really don’t come to games. You wanna beat the team (North Texas) that you turned down (to go play at).”

Mary Taylor Cowles

First half:

“You know what, it may sound crazy – I mean we really did get off to a really poor, slow start offensively, but I mean, I loved where we were at halftime considering how bad we were offensively. Our kids’ fight was just extremely strong and we definitely knew that it was a 40-minute game. We didn’t lay down, we didn’t give up as a matter of fact, we ended that first half on a huge momentum burst and took that in at halftime. I felt great at halftime and I think our young ladies did, too. I think the deciding factor of this game is we let one young lady just take over (Laura McCoy).”

McCoy’s big night:

 “Oh, that – I don’t even know the word to describe it. Frustrating is mild because after she hit two or three in the first half, then you’re like, ‘OK, it did say it on the scout report, her number was on the board in the locker room,’ then you start really getting frustrated not understanding why we couldn’t get a hand up and not allow her to see the basket from that point on. Then, in the second, we were still OK, but then in the second half we gave those two 3s up on mental, defensive, undisciplined mistakes.”


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