UALR up next: Cowles, Owens and Govan discuss

We met with coach Mary Taylor Cowles, senior forward LaTeira Owens and freshman guard Alexis Govan on Thursday to discuss Sunday’s home game against Arkansas-Little Rock.

A few of their comments are provided below. I also spoke one-on-one with Govan for a feature that will run in Friday’s BGDN.

Govan – or “Go-Go,” as the team calls her – has been an energy boost for the sometimes-sluggish Lady Tops. But Govan has also been growing, learning how to handle adversity and a leadership role at such a young age. Be sure to look for more on that tomorrow.

Here are the comments in regard to UALR:

LaTeira Owens

On UALR, which beat WKU last season in the Sun Belt title game:

“It’s kind of balanced out this year, instead of having that one person. They’re a good team, and I just look at it as payback.”

On if the Lady Tops can make a late run:

“I just think when we do click, it’s going to be crazy. We have a lot of talented people on our team. When we do click, I feel sorry for somebody. I don’t know who it is, but I feel sorry for them.”

Alexis Govan

On if the freshmen can tell the veterans are motivated against UALR:

“I can tell, coming back today, just by how hard the upperclassmen worked. You can tell that there was something inside that was really motivating them.”

Mary Taylor Cowles


“They lost a lot, but what Little Rock has – besides being very talented and physical – is three years of being in a championship game. Some of them may have not been in all three, but they’ve got experience and a lot of knowledge. You can’t put a price tag on the experience that some of those players have had.”

On the Trojans’ personnel, specifically freshman guard Taylor Gault (16 ppg):

“We saw last year that their post game is very physical and deep, and their guard play has really stepped up. They’ve got a lot of confidence in (Gault). You see that on film.”

On motivation from last year’s championship game:

“They remember it. They remember how competitive and close we came in that championship game. It’s not even something that I have to talk about. We’re a totally different basketball team, but our program understands how those matchups went.”

On finishing out the conference slate:

“The way the regular season plays out has a big effect on what happens when you leave for Hot Springs, as far as seeding or playing three or four games. All of that’s important, but they know how important the conference schedule is.”


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