Lady Tops fall 60-58 at FAU — postgame comments

Mr. Chad Bishop, as he likes to be known on Twitter, sent along some quotes from the Lady Toppers’ 60-58 loss at Florida Atlantic.
The loss was WKU’s fourth straight in Sun Belt play, dropping the Lady Tops to 6-14 overall and 3-5 in the league.
Some roster notes: Sophomore forward Mimi Hill and freshman guard Summer Fife were both unavailable Wednesday. Hill was sick, and Fife has a severely twisted ankle, according to Chad.
WKU mixed up its starting lineup, starting sophomore guard Ellen Sholtes and freshman guard Ileana Johnson in place of freshman forward Chastity Gooch and sophomore guard Chaney Means.
Means, as well as senior forward Teranie Thomas, who scored 16 points Sunday against Arkansas-Little Rock, never played in the game. According to Chad, those were just coaching decisions.
Chad will have a full story in Thursday’s Bowling Green Daily News.
Here are postgame comments from coach Mary Taylor Cowles, senior forward LaTeira Owens and freshman guard Alexis Govan:
Mary Taylor Cowles
    Mosley’s shots to win:“Oh, we got a great shot, but that shot and so many others in the game that I consider layups, right in the paint, right around the basket, both post play as well as perimeter play had great opportunities to score. You can’t put that game on that shot, because we missed so many of those shots throughout the game. That’s just really, really frustrating.”    Offensive lulls in the first half: “It’s a 40-minute basketball game and we’re obviously well aware of that and things that we did or did not do throughout the first half and there in the beginning of the second half really put us in a bind down 11 at halftime. But we have to credit our young ladies for fighting so hard. I was very pleased with the change in the lineup. Looking at Chastity (Gooch) a little bit more as a four-player as a post out on the perimeter and switched some things around with Ellen (Sholtes) and Illy (Ileana Johnson). I was just very, very pleased. I thought Ellen was very, very knowledgeable of what was going on on the floor and she communicated that with her teammates which I thought was a huge plus for us.”

    Why the lineup changes? “Just trying to find answers. We’re not winning games. Tonight we have 12 turnovers, Sunday we had 21 turnovers. Just trying to find that leadership on the floor with five people that can communicate together, kinda click together, maybe bring  a little different energy. We’ve not started games well for the majority of times this year – we’ve not started the second half the majority of times this year. So just trying to find an answer that might change some things in a very positive fashion. I think we really like what we saw tonight.”

Alexis Govan

    Lulls at the start of and end of first half:“I think we just got into a down mindset because we weren’t putting the ball into the basket, we were struggling to make layups. The first few minutes we probably missed four or five straight layups and it just threw us off. At the end of the half we started missing layups again. It’s just rough.”    Having never led: “It was frustrating, but it’s something we have to work on finishing out a game – putting the ball in the basket when it counts and when it matters.”

    Offense or defense key to loss? “I think it would have to be both. When we needed a stop, we didn’t get it. When we needed to make a layup, we didn’t get it.”

LaTeira Owens
    Foul trouble: “They called some calls that were kind of biased. That was the little thing that had me frustrated.”

    Offensive lulls in the first half: “I think we weren’t taking our time on offense. We were rushing some shots and not focusing on shooting the ball and we were missing layups that we know we should get.”

    Never having the lead: “It was frustrating because we worked so hard to tie it or at least get a lead and we never really got a lead. That’s one of the things that we really wanted to do, is try to take the lead. Every time we tried we’d either miss a layup, miss a shot or turn the ball over.”


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