Glasgow’s Sublett, Bowles and BG’s Manley praised by Louisville, Murray coaches

Just wanted to pass along some comments I found today from Louisville coach Charlie Strong about Glasgow TE Hunter Bowles and Bowling Green OL Joe Manley, as well as from Murray State coach Chris Hatcher about Glasgow RB Jalen Sublett.

These tidbits are all things anyone can find by looking up video of those schools’ National Signing Day news conferences, but I thought I would put them in one place.

The first question Strong fielded Wednesday was about his offensive linemen signees, and he quickly noted Manley by name. Strong described the new linemen as “big-body guys that will come in and develop and continue to get bigger.”

Strong said Manley and the other linemen won’t be expected to come in and contribute right away, only develop. The reason for that? Depth. The Cardinals have signed 15 offensive linemen in the last three years, Strong said.

Strong also said that Louisville’s four tight ends, including Bowles, will need to stay at that position to provide more depth. Bowles said at the ceremony to announce his verbal commitment that the coaching staff had previously discussed moving him.

“You look at the Hunter Bowles’s and the Joe Manley’s – they wanted to be here, and that’s what’s really fulfilling as a coach,” Strong told reporters. “You didn’t have to beg them late or twist their arm because they saw that something special is going to happen here.”

Meanwhile, Murray State coach Chris Hatcher was asked about bringing in Kentucky players and immediately jumped to Sublett. Hatcher noted Sublett’s performance in Glasgow’s playoff win at Murray High School, calling the running back a “dominant force” in that game.

“We signed a great running back,” Hatcher said. “(Sublett’s) a bigger back, which we can do some different things with.”

I checked to see if Eastern Kentucky, Lindsey Wilson or Columbia University had provided any availability with their coaches and possibly discussed the BGDN’s other area signees – Glasgow’s Lajuan Smith, Bowling Green’s Scooter Hollis and Jerrett Ingram and Edmonson County’s Dean Jenkins – but I wasn’t able to find anything. If that changes, I’ll be sure to pass it along.


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