Lady Toppers preview South Alabama game

We met with the Lady Toppers on Thursday to discuss Saturday’s home game against South Alabama. WKU has lost three straight games and five of its last six. The Lady Toppers will honor the program’s three previous Final Four teams at halftime Saturday, including the 20th anniversary of the 1991-92 national championship runner-up team.

The game will also be WKU’s annual breast cancer awareness game, and the Lady Toppers will continue the tradition of wearing their pink jerseys – uniforms they’ve never lost in. Here are comments from coach Mary Taylor Cowles, senior guard Vanessa Obafemi and freshman guard Alexis Govan:

Mary Taylor Cowles

Playing after a week off:

“Maybe it’s at a good time, back at home and the semester starting. It’s probably a good time for us to be back here and concentrating on class and focusing on fixing things that we’re not doing so well.”

What’s not working right now:

“There have been spots where we’ve executed with the basketball … but over the course of the last three games, nothing’s been extremely consistent. Inconsistency has continued to be one of our biggest problems.”

About South Alabama:

“They’re very athletic and aggressive with the basketball. They’ve definitely got the ability to shoot the ball from outside, but they really like to attack. Defensively, they’ll take the mindset. They’re going to extend the defense into the full court and bring the pressure, and if we don’t handle that it’ll be a long Saturday.”

On the inconsistency of the rotation:

“Players have to make shots, players have to box out and rebound, and players have to defend. That’s what we’re searching for as a staff. Yes, if there were players that brought that consistently day in and day out, that would solve the problem of who our starting five is and how our minutes are distributed.”

On Keshia Mosley not being injured and not playing against FIU:

“We’re still looking for answers and combinations that fit.”

On wearing and being undefeated in the pink uniforms:

“Maybe we should wear them the whole month of February.”

Vanessa Obafemi

Being back home:

“Right now, we’re mainly focusing on ourselves, trying to do the simple things that we know we can do. We’ve had a week to practice and just trying to get prepared again.”

On trying to win at Diddle Arena:

“We just have to try to protect our home floor and get more fans coming in.”

On South Alabama:

“They’re quick and strong. Pressing is a big part of their game, so we’ll have to take care of the ball and be physical back with them.”

On inconsistent rotation:

“It’s a little difficult, but one thing we can do is go out and work hard every game. Work hard every possession.”

On former players coming back:

“Hopefully we can get some encouragement from them and bring back what Western used to be in women’s basketball.”

Alexis Govan

On adjusting to the changing rotation:

“Many of our roles still aren’t defined, but every time we step on the court, no matter what your role is, we’re trying to do whatever we can to get a win.”

On the team’s history and tradition:

“Personally, it was brought up quite a bit in my recruitment process. It’s a big deal and something to be proud of. We want to get it back here and striving to get there again.”


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