Lady Tops notch first road win at Troy – postgame comments

The Lady Toppers finally picked up their first road win of the season Saturday, earning a 59-36 victory at Troy. WKU was previously 0-12 this year in true road contests.

Freshman guard Danay Fothergill scored a career-high 15 points, while senior forward LaTeira Owens added 12.

Here are postgame comments from Fothergill, sophomore guard Chaney Means and coach Mary Taylor Cowles, per BGDN writer Chad Bishop, who was at Troy today to cover WKU’s men/women doubleheader.

Danay Fothergill

Career high: “I was ready to play. We came off from Middle, we should’ve gotten that road win and I think we just had a little extra underneath us. We wanted to get that road win and I was ready to play and ready to knock down some shots.”

Tough to get road win: “Maybe it’s been a mind game. Tonight we just came out and played our game and played hard, and that’s what got the win.”

Chaney Means

Road win: “It’s definitely something to get off our chest to have that accomplished. Kinda came out flat in the first half, but I thought we came out in the second half and were putting some pressure on them and were playing good as a team.”

Second half: “We just talked about really getting after them. We missed a lot of shots the first half, they just weren’t going down. I thought LaTeira did a really good job of posting up and getting deep and making herself available and Danay shot great from outside so it was good to have a balance of both inside and out. Just taking advantage of that I thought.”

Playing better basketball: “We’re having fun right now. I just think it’s important for us to have fun and play our game. Just not worried about the little things. I like the playing the top of the press, that’s kind of fun for me. Just having fun is the main thing right now.”

Mary Taylor Cowles

Second half: “We’ll take the finish every time. What I was proud of is we didn’t let the start there at the halftime break rattle us. Then we came into the second half holding them to only 14 points at the defensive end. We did such a great job of taking care of the basketball, executing on our offense and really complementing our defense by putting points on the board.”

Inside-out game: “(Owens) was as good tonight with her deep, deep post-ups. Not only was she deep in the lane coming out of transition, but she was low to the ground really wanting the basketball, her guards fed her and then when we were moving the ball on the perimeter or kicking it back out, (Fothergill) did a great job stepping up and knocking down great shots. I thought Ellen Sholtes was really good tonight, too. She’s kind of more off the dribble, but she’s very aggressive with it, very confident with it and we need that mid-range game.”

Better play of late: “I can tell you this, they hate losing. That’s one thing. I hate it, I despise it, I can’t stand it. I think they have that same attitude. So maybe, we’ll see, I’m not gonna proclaim anything off of what I feel like has been a good week as far as an effort and pride factor. We have a tough FAU team coming into our place Wednesday night. Let’s see. Let’s tip that game up and see where we are.”


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