Lady Tops prepare for Arkansas State, tourney play

We met with the Lady Toppers on Tuesday afternoon to discuss tonight’s 7:30 p.m. home game against Arkansas State.

WKU is coming off a 70-33 loss to South Alabama, the Lady Tops’ lowest offensive output since the 1974-75 season.

WKU is locked into the No. 5 seed in the Sun Belt East Division, but it can secure its 32nd consecutive winning season at home.

Here are comments from coach Mary Taylor Cowles and seniors Vanessa Obafemi and Jasmine Johnson:

Mary Taylor Cowles

What happened at South Alabama?

“We had a bad game. I don’t know how to summarize it other than that. It was a bad day for our basketball team. I don’t have excuses. I don’t have explanations. It was just a bad day.”

“It was surprising for all of us. There was no indication of that, and I think our girls are as surprised as our staff was.”

Can you basically throw away the film of that game?

“What are you going to learn from it? There’s nothing to learn from that film. I don’t think there’s anything positive that can come out of that situation, and this week, we need to be positive.”

What can be gained this week with seeding already decided?

“You’re playing to win. Thats’ why we play the game. The tournament may already be seeded at this point, but I promise you these ladies are excited about these last two regular season games. There’s a pride factor.”

On ASU’s strengths:

“Morrill is a true force inside that I really like because she has the ability to step out and pop at the 3-point line. When you throw Hurst in there, Watson in there, McDowell in there – there are other kids that know what they’re trying to accomplish.”

Vanessa Obafemi

“Our past game was a really disappointing loss just because of the lack of pride we played with, not fighting back and having passion. We’re just forgetting about it.”

Jasmine Johnson

What happened at South Al?

“I don’t know where our mindset was Saturday, but yesterday’s practice, we did really good. We came to get ready and better ourselves.”

“Nothing went our way, and when it didn’t go our way, we went down with it.”

How do you respond to a very bad game after a good stretch of basketball?

“It’s hard trying to work through it. There are five seniors, and then you have all the babies – the underclassmen – and it’s kind of hard teaching them how to keep going. When we mess sometimes, we get down on ourselves too much.”

“When we played Middle that week, we took like 10 steps up. But then Saturday, we dropped back like 20 steps. It’s hard teaching them how to bounce back, but this week, we’ll show everyone that we can still do it.”


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