Talking turnovers: Lady Tops’ postgame comments after ASU loss

It was a sloppy, sloppy game for the Lady Toppers tonight, turning the ball over 28 times in a 56-53 home loss to Arkansas State.

The turnovers were pretty much the theme of the postgame, so I’ll leave it at that. You can read all about the game with two stories in Thursday’s BGDN.

Here are comments from coach Mary Taylor Cowles and seniors LaTeira Owens and Vanessa Obafemi:

Mary Taylor Cowles

On the turnovers:

“You’re not going to win basketball games turning the ball over 28 times. That’s a proven fact. We’ve proven that in games past, but the biggest concern is consecutive games in mid-February.”

“You’re not going to find yourself in a winning situation turning it over 28 times. Our competition’s too tough. It’s too good.”

“We bust back out at South Al and then again tonight with careless, careless effort. That’s very intrguing as a coach because you work hard to get the ball back defensively … and you don’t even give yourself an opportunity 28 times. That’s frustrating.”

“You prefaced that by saying I’ve said it several times. That’s where the frustration comes in. It’s not like one game we were unprepared. It’s happened over and over again this year where we’ve known exactly what was going to happen, and we’ve been extremely careless with the basketball – almost nonchalant, lackadaisical. I don’t know what word to use other than ‘frustrating’ because it continues to end in the same results for our basketball team.”

“I don’t think this is confusion. I don’t think this 28 turnovers is confusion at all, because we’re running the same stuff we’ve run all year long. I think it’s a lack of focus. I think we just lose our minds.”

Missing layups:

“There were five in the first half that we missed. We talked about that at halftime. That’s the hard part of coaching, trying to figure out how to solve those problems. To be honest, we’ve missed layups all year long. That’s been a monkey on our back.”

The challenge Sunday against MTSU:

“You would hope there’s enough of a pride factor going on. It’s our last opportunity as a team to play in this gym, but pride’s not going to get us through a win on Sunday.”

“I think they’re smart enough to realize we’ve got one game left in our regular season, and that’s it. That’s all the time we have left. I haven’t actually said those words, but time’s running out.”

Vanessa Obafemi

On opportunities despite turnovers:

“We put ourselves in a bad position, having 28 turnovers. At the same time, we got two good looks. We weren’t able to knock it down.”

“That was exactly how the play was drawn up. I had three screens to get open, and my teammates did a great job. I was wide open.”

“Sunday’s going to be a really big game, considering how our season is going and that it’s senior night. We just have to go out and give it our all.”

LaTeira Owens

On the turnovers and missed layups:

“Turnovers in February isn’t good. Twenty-eight turnovers in February, that’s taking away 28 chances that we could have scored, got fouled, got a good shot. It’s coming down to the wire that we need to focus on whatever is going on with the ball.”

“We’ve been talking about layups in practice – layups and turnovers. Making layups, rebounding and making free throws – that’s the way to win a ballgame.”


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