Postgame comments from both sides of Lady Tops’ loss to MTSU –

Thought I’d pass along a hodge-podge of comments from the Lady Toppers’ 77-62 loss to Middle Tennessee on Sunday’s Senior Day.

Here are some quotes from WKU coach Mary Taylor Cowles, WKU’s Keshia Mosley and Alexis Govan, MTSU coach Rick Insell and MTSU’s Ebony Rowe.

Mary Taylor Cowles

“We just didn’t put two halves together. It was a great effort in the second half. I think it said a lot about our team. We could have responded a totally different way at halftime … but to beat a team like this, you have to put a complete game together.”

“They won every 50-50 ball there was in the entire 40 minutes. I think their press, it wasn’t anything we didn’t know was coming. But we were very careless with the ball. That was something we didn’t do at their place.”

On the player of MTSU’s Ebony Rowe:

“You knew a good player wasn’t going to lay down. We knew coming in that she would be challenged, and their team overall is going for a perfect conference regular season. We knew they would be very motivated and ready to play. She’s too good of a player to think you can hold her completely down.”

Heading into the SBC tourney:

“We’re not going to look back, I can promise you that. We’re looking forward, and we’re going to Hot Springs like everyone else for our third season with a 0-0 record. We know who we’re going to play in the first game, and that’s what we’ve got to concentrate on.”

How tough has this season been personally?

“I don’t know that I can describe it. It’s just been really, really difficult for everybody. For our players, it’s not what they expected. It’s not what they came here for. Our coaching staff is not used to anything like this. We’ve not had days like this. I can’t describe it. Professionally, it’s been the hardest thing that anyone of us has been through. I’ll speak for myself.”

Keshia Mosley

“We’ve got to know how to close up two halves. You come out and fight as much as we did in the second half, we have to put it together.”

Owens getting in early foul trouble:

“It was hard, but that’s why we have teammates and other people that can contribute when something like that happens.”

One last chance in SBC tourney:

“It’s kind of similar to last year. We didn’t have a good season, and then you come around, and we’re 0-0 in a tournament. That’s how we’re taking it.”

Alexis Govan

On her 22 points, big second half:

“I was just trying to fight for the seniors. Everybody before the game was saying that you don’t do it for yourself. Do it for the seniors. That’s all I kept thinking.”

Rick Insell

“The first thing that I want to get clear is that I don’t dislike Western Kentucky fans, and I don’t dislike Western Kentucky. I just don’t like the color red. Write that down, because I do respect your fans because of the tradition here, and it’s a basketball school.”

“There’s 12 teams in this conference. Nine of them, including Western Kentucky, have a legitimate chance to win the Sun Belt Conference Tournament. Maybe a lot of you don’t believe that, but that’s what I’m preaching.”

“I try to stir Western up a bit, but I enjoy playing here because they appreciate the game. I don’t dislike anybody up here. And secretly, I will tell you this, I have spent money in Bowling Green. I’ve got a Corvette, and I go over to the museum a lot and buy things.”

Ebony Rowe

On her 27-point performance:

“He was saying that I needed a big performance. With all my family being here, he wanted me to put on a performance for them. Our shootaround was so focused, and everyone was so excited. We knew we had this game won before we even stepped up on the court.”


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