WKU assistant coach Tim Riley comments on the firing of Mary Taylor Cowles

I spoke with Western Kentucky women’s basketball assistant coach Tim Riley a few minutes ago, hours after the firing of head coach Mary Taylor Cowles became public.

Riley, known locally for his successful run at the helm of the Warren Central boys’ basketball program, will remain on staff for now, along with the rest of Cowles’ staff. Western Kentucky athletic director Ross Bjork said the new coach will choose his or her own assistants, but will be encouraged to interview those already in place.

Riley just completed his first season with the Lady Toppers after resigning from his post at WCHS.

Here’s what Riley had to say. He talked about the hurdles in recruiting now, and compared Cowles to a character from his favorite book. Check it out:

Tim Riley

“We’ve been told to proceed on, working for the program. That’s what we’ll do. We’ll do what we’ve been doing, but of course without a head coach, it’ll be a little more difficult. You don’t have a head coach to sell.”

“My favorite fictional character is (“To Kill a Mockinbird’s) Atticus Finch, and I love the scene where he leaves the courtroom, and the people that he defended stood and recognized him. I just hope everyone will recognize Mary and what she’s meant to the program. She’s a great person and loves this university so much.”

“She’s Mary. When anybody in this area says ‘Mary,’ there’s no doubt who it is. She’s a special person, and unfortunately this business is all about wins and people coming to games. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but that’s the deal.”


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