Breaking down Michelle Clark-Heard’s contract

I discussed some of the details of new WKU women’s basketball coach Michelle Clark-Heard’s contract Thursday on Twitter and in my stories for the Daily News, but I wanted to get into it a little more here.

Here’s a look at some of the specifics:

Michelle Clark-Heard

  • Base salary of $150,000, plus eligible benefits
  • Annual incentive bonuses
    – APR of 940+ each academic year = 5% of base salary
    – In addition, APR of 960+ each academic year = 5% of base salary
    – 1,500 public season tickets sold (first time mark is met) = 5% of base salary
    – Each subsequent of 500 season tickets sold = 5% of base salary
    – NCAA tournament bid = 10% of base salary
    – NCAA Sweet 16 appearance = 10% of base salary
  • Contract terms
    – Four-year contract starting April 1, 2012
    – One-year rollover terms on April 1 of each contract year
    – Rollover is subject each year to discretion of athletic director and president
    – $250,000 buyout for separation without cause – payable by the terminating party in lump sum
    – Scheduling clause – should head coach leave for another Division I head coaching position, the coach agrees to a four-year, home-and-home game series
  • Other benefits
    – Season tickets for home athletic events
    – NCAA tournament tickets when WKU participates
    – Use of one automobile with insurance paid by WKU
    – Camps operated and managed by head coach and staff
  • Clark-Heard will have a $200,000 salary pool to hire her assistant coaching staff, as well as a $60,000 salary pool for her administrative staff.

For the record, 5 percent of Clark-Heard’s base salary is $7,500. Ten percent of her base salary would be $15,000. Plenty of room there to make serious money through incentives.



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