WKU AD Ross Bjork discusses hire of Michelle Clark-Heard

Clarification: I reported in my initial post that Ross Bjork interviewed new Ole Miss women’s basketball coach Adrian Wiggins in Bowling Green for WKU’s vacancy.

WKU asked to clarify that Bjork interviewed Wiggins in Bowling Green, but solely for the Ole Miss opening.


BGDN writer Chad Bishop had a length discussion with outgoing Western Kentucky athletic director Ross Bjork that you can read more of on his blog at toppatime.wordpress.com and at bgdailynews.com

But Chad also passed along Bjork’s comments on newly hired WKU women’s basketball coach Michelle Clark-Heard.

Here is what Bjork had to say about Michelle Clark-Heard:

“You know what? She was the first interview that we had. We met with her the Saturday after we made the change, Todd (Stewart) and I did. I walked out of there going, ‘She could be our next head coach.’ Knowing that we had a process and knowing there’s other people we had to talk to, but I said, ‘She’s got the energy, she’s got the passion, she’s got the recruiting contacts, she obviously has the legacy here with this program at a high level, she’s been at a high-level program at Louisville so she saw what it takes.’
“I think she’ll just work extremely hard and get the program back to where it should be. I was really pleased. I was part of the process really up to (March 20), then I had to step out. That was great hire, that was my choice as well, my vote, if I had a vote, was Michelle and I think it’s a great hire for the program.”

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