WKU football spring practice report No. 12

I filled in for Chad Bishop today at WKU football’s 12th practice of the spring, which also served as the Hilltoppers’ second scrimmage.

The general consensus was that the defense had the upper hand throughout the week, but the offense outperformed its counterparts Saturday.

Here are comments from coach Willie Taggart, QB Kawaun Jakes, RB Antonio Andrews, DB Kareem Peterson:

Willie Taggart

“Our offense came out and executed really well. The first team and the second team were really good. I thought our quarterbacks came out and managed the game really well. They did really well in the pocket, and when they didn’t have anything, they did a good job of throwing it away. … Offensively they came out ready to play, and defensively, we have to get in and watch that film and see how come on game days we don’t have the same enthusiasm we do throughout pracitce.”

On running backs and Antonio Andrews: “We want to someone to separate themselves. We want everybody that goes in the game to produce for us, but I told all the guys that I want to see someone separate themselves. Right now, we’re kind of on an even plane, and life is not like that. Somebody has to step ahead, and Antonio did that today.”

“Both sides are playing well. I think this week, Monday and Wednesday, was probably the first time where we had consecutive days of winning. Before that, it was back and forth. That’s a sign of our team growing up, and guys are getting better.”

On the spring game draft: “We’re still running our offense and defense, but it gives our guys a chance to have a little fun with it too. Guys take it seriously too. If they didn’t take it seriously, we wouldn’t do it.”

Kawaun Jakes

“The O-line, I think that’s probably the best practice they’ve had all spring, and then the running backs did their thing. They took care of the ball – no big fumbles, no big penalties. We came ready to play today.”

On Andrews: “He had a great day. The O-line was blocking for him, and he was congratulating guys and playing 110 percent on a scrimmage. Big ups to Antonio.”

Kareem Peterson

“The defense didn’t come out like we usually do.The offense came out hitting it, running, they were aggressive. We came out a little lackadaisical, and it showed. We’ve got to get that fixed.”

“When we start getting aggressive on the run and they threw the ball, we weren’t ready for that in certain situations. That’s not our defense. That’s not our defense at all, so we’re going to go to the drawing board.”

“We take it personal because right now, these are our games. We can’t play until the fall, so we’re taking these as real loses. We can’t play a game no time soon, so it definitely hits us hard.”

On draft: “That already makes it intense. We compete, and it’s really like two different teams. We practice separate. It’s going to be like we don’t even know each other. It’s going to be real fun.”

Antonio Andrews

“You always want to come out on top. All week the defense kicked our butts, and we come out here in a game-time situation, and the offense prevails.”

“I played pretty good. I’m just trying to move up in this draft we have. The fullbacks opened up holes, and the offensive line was hitting all kinds of blocks.”

“You always want to be in that top five drafted, just so you know how you fit on this team. That really lets you know where you stand in the coaches’ eyes.”


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