Phil Todd hired as Russellville boys’ basketball coach

Phil Todd is headed back to the sidelines.

The former Russellville boys’ basketball coach will return to that role next season, as confirmed today by Todd and RHS principal John Myers.

Todd coached Russellville from 1990-2004, winning three region titles. His 2000-01 Panthers team was the last program outside District 14 to win the Region 4 championship.

He has been serving since as RHS athletic director, but announced his retirement from that post and his administration position last month. Todd replaces Dennis Pardue as basketball coach.

Below are a couple of comments from Todd and Myers:

Phil Todd

“Russellville has always had talent. We have some talented seniors coming back, and as a group, we feel like we have a good bunch of boys. If we can get them ready, we feel like they can compete in this region.”

“I think our focus should be down at the lower level, with the lower grades. If we can get something started again where we can start with those kids early and get them, we can watch them develop. That should pay off in the long run.”

John Myers

“We set the bar high on hiring a basketball coach. We weren’t going to settle. We talked to coach Todd before the interview process, and we knew he was retiring, but that he also had some interest in coaching. He basically said, ‘You go out and find the best basketball coach you can. But if you don’t find what you’re looking for, I’m here.’ We thought we went in with a win-win situation.”

“I was concerned that people thought we just went through the interview process and knew what we were going to do all along. Phil Todd wants what’s best for our athletic program, but we got an outstanding basketball coach. We got the coach that kind of put Russellville on the map as far as basketball is concerned, so we couldn’t be happier.”


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