Michelle Clark-Heard comments on WKU’s 2012-13 schedule

I had the chance to speak with Western Kentucky women’s basketball coach Michelle Clark-Heard today about the 2012-13 schedule, which was released this morning.

Heard’s comments are available below:

Michelle Clark-Heard

General thoughts on the schedule:

“I was very fortunate. When I came in, coach (Curtis) Turley had a lot of the schedule done, so I was very fortunate with that. A lot of games were a return or stuff like that … but I feel like we have a good schedule in place.

“We can have the opportunity to compete in the nonconference, and I feel like that was my biggest concern – making sure that we have the opportunity to compete and get better.”

On getting off to a good start in nonconference play:

“It would be huge. I really believe we have to. I don’t think it’s going to be on an amount of wins. It’s going to be about our productivity and how much we improve as a team. With games like Vanderbilt, we’ll just have goals, and if we meet those goals, that’ll be a big milestone for us.”

On playing three in-state teams, though not U of L or UK yet:

“It’s really important because it gives everybody else an opportunity to see where we’re at and where we’re going. I’ve talked to (Louisville coach) Jeff (Walz), and that might be a couple of years down the road, but it’s going to happen. That’s something that we’ll continue to work on here at Western. We want to play state schools.”

On playing seven home doubleheaders with the men’s program:

“When we sat down at a meeting, it shows Western Kentucky is a family. Coach (Ray) Harper has been phenomenal to me, and it means a lot. With everything they did last year, I want us to be able to enjoy that, too. If we get a couple of fans that come earlier and like what they see, that’s my whole objective.”


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