Bowling Green vs. Warren Central: The Purples’ side

I visited Tuesday with the Bowling Green Purples (7-0) to talk about their cross-town showdown Friday at undefeated district rival Warren Central.

I spoke for a few minutes with BG coach Kevin Wallace and junior receiver Nacarius Fant. Their comments are available below.


Magnitude of BG-Warren Central rivalry: “The fun that has been my experience of being a part of the Bowling Green program – if you go back to my first few years in the early to mid-90s, there were huge games and huge rivalries when Franklin was really good. There were good rivalries with Hopkinsville and Owensboro. Now it’s Warren Central. I think the great accomplishment of this program is that we’ve always been a part of it. We haven’t had those down periods where we’re not a part of the marquee games in this area. I think when our coaches and players are done doing this, they’ll look back and really appreciate that, because there are very few public schools that can go through the longevity of success that we’ve been able to have.”

BG’s start to the season: “Do we have talent? Yeah, we’ve got talent. But to put that many new players on the stage and expect them to perform at a level that lets us conquer our schedule would’ve been an unrealistic expectation. I thought we came further quicker than I really thought we could. I said in the preseason at a function that Warren Central should be better than us when we start playing in August. It was my hope that we could get better to the point that in October, we have a chance to beat them. I think we’ve gotten there. We’ve got the chance.”

Central’s offense: “They’ve got five seniors on the offensive line, a three-year starter at quarterback, skilled athletes everywhere. At the high school level, it doesn’t get much better than that. If you had to add up ingredients that it takes to have a successful offense, I think they’ve got everything you need.”

Central’s defense: “Defensively is where they’ve got a lot of people back. They have a lot of experience and good size, guys that move really well. You don’t teach speed, and they’ve got guys that really attack the football.”

Keys to the game: “Games of this magnitude are often won or lost on turnover margin and mistakes in the kicking game. … If we’ll do a good job taking care of the ball, take it away from them and be sound in the kicking game, I like our chances. If anyone thinks one team’s offense is much better than another team’s defense, or vice versa, in this game, I think they’re wrong.”

Possibly playing again in postseason: “Chances are we’re going to play twice, and the other one’s more important. When we walk off the field Friday night, win or lose, we need to have an understanding that we’ve got to do it again and do it better.”


On Central game: “Winning or losing, we don’t look at this week as claiming our season. We just want to come into the game, play our hardest and try to get the win. If we don’t, we’re not going to put our heads down. We really just want to get to that last game at Western Kentucky, and this game’s another step toward that.”

The Dragons’ strengths: “They’re really good, I give them their props. They’re very athletic, and with them having more of a passing game this year, we’ll have to watch out for whatever they bring.”


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