Jakes, Lewis talk at WKU football’s ninth bowl practice

As promised (albeit a little late), here are a few comments from WKU senior quarterback Kawaun Jakes and senior defensive lineman Rammell Lewis before Monday’s ninth bowl practice.


On bowl game growing near: “It’s really nice. It’s actually game week. We’ve got something to look forward to the following week, so we’re very excited.”

How do you stay focused through long bowl prep? “Just stay around each other. Well, we’re the only ones on campus right now anyway. We talk about what we want to accomplish. Stay positive. Laugh a lot. This is a reward for us, but we don’t want to just go play. We want to win and enjoy it.”

On assistant coaches Walt Wells and Eric Mathies: “Those guys have been here since day one with us. Coach Wells always had our back no matter what. Those guys, you can look up to them, and we tell the young guys to look up to them, too.”

On benefits of having consistency with staff: “It’s good. They can tell you about their experiences with coaching changes and how players can go about it. If something was to happen again, you can know what they expect.”


Bowl game getting close: “At the end of the day, we’re trying to come out here and have fun. This is something we’ve never done before. It’s kind of new to the program, the fans and us, and we’re just embracing the whole bowl preparation.”

How do you stay focused? “The coaches have done a good job of mixing things up – variety. They’re trying to make sure they don’t bore us with the constant practices, back to back.”

On seven players graduating last weekend: “That’s what we all came here for, to leave with a meaningful degree and continue our journey to the next step in life, which is to get a job and settle in, progress and have a family one day. It was a big day for all of us. It was great for all of us to do something they’ve said they expect out of us from day one.”

On Wells and Mathies: “They’ve been motivators. They’ve encouraged us to do what’s right and finish strong. I’ve been able to look toward them, especially coach Mathies, for guidance. He’s been outstanding and kept me on track. It’s been great to have them around my entire career.”


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