By the numbers: A look at Gooch and Govan’s improvement

To put things into perspective a bit, here is a statistical look at the improvement of Western Kentucky sophomores Chastity Gooch and Alexis Govan.

The numbers given represent their final averages from the 2011-12 season and their averages now, as sophomores, through 15 games.

The results in some areas are staggering. Gooch and Govan have improved in every single category listed except turnovers, where both players’ average has increased.

CHASTITY GOOCH, sophomore forward
Statistic                                 Freshman year    Sophomore year
Minutes per game                         22.1                        34.6
Points per game                             6.1                          16.7
Field-goal percentage                  35.5                        48.8
3-point percentage                       14.3                        28.6
Free-throw percentage                43.5                         63
Rebounds per game                      5.6                          11.4
Assists per game                            1.1                           1.6
Turnovers per game                     2.7                           3.5
Blocks per game                             .3                            1.2
Steals per game                              .8                            3.2

ALEXIS GOVAN, sophomore guard
Statistic                               Freshman year    Sophomore year
Minutes per game                        24.3                           32
Points per game                            6.6                            19.5
Field-goal percentage                  37.8                          46.9
3-point percentage                       14.8                           52.6
Free-throw percentage                74.5                           83.1
Rebounds per game                      2.9                             5.2
Assists per game                            1.9                             2.3
Turnovers per game                     3.0                             4.2
Blocks per game                             .1                                .3
Steals per game                             1.4                              2.1


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