Lady Tops host Troy after back-to-back losses

We met today with Western Kentucky women’s basketball coach Michelle Clark-Heard, as the Lady Tops (15-5, 8-3 Sun Belt Conference) host Troy at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Here are coach Heard’s comments:


Coming back home: “I’m really excited to get back home. We’ve all wanted to get back on the court after our game Sunday, because it’s an opportunity to get back out there and change and work on some of the things you didn’t do as well as you should’ve.”

On Troy: “I know a lot of people are going to look at their record and see 0-10 in the conference, but if you look at their stats, they’ve been in every single game they’ve played. When teams can score the way they can, they’re really scary.”

Troy struggling in conference: “I don’t really know what it is and why they haven’t won a game, but I am surprised. But I don’t want them to get their first win against us.”

Bouncing back from two losses: “We had a great practice (Monday), and we have to move forward each day. We learned from the mistakes that we did from the Middle game and South Alabama game. Any coach, that’s the way you’re supposed to think. As soon as the game is over, we evaluate and correct the things we need to.”

Why Troy scores so much: “They can run five in at a time. That’s what they did against us. The players that hurt us, they’re still playing a lot of minutes. They push the ball no matter what. When you score, they push the ball up and take quick shots. They have an all-around balanced attack, shooting it and putting it on the floor.”

Enjoying this season: “Every day, I wake up and I’m grateful for this opportunity. I look around the country, and I have a lot of friends who coach in this business. I know sometimes, this doesn’t happen.”

Importance of winning at home: “We’re very fortunate that we get to be on television, and the coverage now that you all do with us. Social media is amazing with Twitter and being able to follow, but it’s amazing for people to come out and get excited and see it in action – not just hear about it or read about it in the paper. Diddle Arena has always been such an amazing place to play, and now it’s an amazing place to coach.”


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