Lady Toppers talk after 98-80 win over Troy

WKU improved to 16-5 and 9-3 in Sun Belt Conference play Wednesday with a 98-80 win over Troy.

Junior guard Bianca McGee scored a career-high 24 points, while sophomores Alexis Govan and Chastity Gooch added 23 and 21 points, respectively.

Sophomore guard Ileana Johnson added 11 points, and junior guard Chaney Means had a career-high eight assists.

Here are postgame comments from McGee, Means, Johnson and coach Michelle Clark-Heard.


Opening thoughts: “We made some adjustments on our motion offense, and we converted on those things. But defensively and turning the ball over is still a problem for us. We’ve got to go back and keep working.”

Scoring 98 points vs. Troy: “We knew they were going to get up and down the floor. They shoot it quick. I think the fans probably had a good time watching how that team plays. They have a lot of players that can do a lot of things. They get it up and down the floor on a make or a miss.”

More on offense: “I felt like we were passing the ball and doing some good things, as far as getting the right person the ball at the right time.”

McGee bouncing back: “It was huge. Bianca loves the basketball game and loves to have the ball in her hand. I’m fortunate that I have the opportunity to coach players like I have now because they’re unselfish, they play hard and they have fun.”

Defensive struggles: “We can’t give up 80. They were averaging 74.5 points per game, but I’ll definitely take that 98 points and the opportunity for everybody to get involved.”

On Means: “She does everything a coach could possibly ask for. She’s an emotional leader for us. She does the little things. She’s all over the place, and this team would not be where we’re at without Chaney Means, or for that matter, any of the players on this team.”

On Johnson: “Ileana went home for Christmas break, and she came back the Ileana that I saw when I first got her and we were doing spring workouts. She’s very talented. Ileana is very fast with the basketball and passes it really well. She’s really working and getting herself in a position where her confidence is growing.”

Upcoming stretch: “We understand that every day, I talk about game by game. This was a game we needed to take care of, and now, we’ll let them celebrate. The good thing is that they’re off this weekend and don’t have to play. We’ll practice and get shots and prepare for this stretch we’re getting ready to hit.”

Needing rest: “With our numbers, it’s a chance for them to rest their legs some. And mentally, because we just started school back. There’s adjustments with their classes and their teachers, so I’m glad we got this one under our belt.”

BIANCA McGEE, junior guard

Fast pace: “She said we had to stop them. We can’t trade baskets. You’ll never get up like you want trading baskets, and then it’ll come down to the wire. She didn’t want this game to come down to the wire.”

Sunday’s game vs. MTSU: “It was very frustrating. Not only did I not show up the way I should’ve, we lost. It’s one thing to not show up and win, but it’s another to not show up and lose. It made me realize how much my team did need me. That’s why I wanted to come back today and give it my all and get the dub, because we didn’t want to lose three in a row.”

ILEANA JOHNSON, sophomore guard

Needing off days: “It’s very important to get a couple days of rest. North Texas is going to be a challenge, so we’ve got to get some rest and then go hard the next days to prepare.”

Improvement late: “I felt that I hadn’t been the role player that the team needed. I hadn’t been doing my role, and I felt like I needed to step up and help them and do my part.”

CHANEY MEANS, junior guard

Bouncing back: “All season, we haven’t had a losing streak at all, and coming from last year where it was the opposite way around, it was nice to get back on track. It’ll be good having this win going to North Texas.”

Offense: “I think we did a good job of sharing the ball and getting back to playing together as a fist. I hope you all could see the unselfishness of our team tonight.”

Her eight assists: “I knew there were mismatches, and if you get some of the people on our team the ball, they’re going to do something good with it. My role on this team is to be that role player and help those girls out.”


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