MTSU coach Rick Insell talks regular season finale at WKU

I had the chance to talk briefly today with Middle Tennessee women’s basketball coach Rick Insell, who will bring his Sun Belt Conference regular season champion Lady Raiders to E.A. Diddle Arena at 11 a.m. Saturday to face WKU.

Here’s what Insell had to say about the regular season finale:


How things have gone since beating WKU in Murfreesboro: “This year has been a grind, and it’s been a grind for everybody. That 20-game conference schedule is tough. You’ve seen some unbelievable things happen in the conference this year. Troy coming in here and beating us, and Lafayette beating Little Rock. I mean, good gracious. Not that they couldn’t, but just some strange things, and I think a lot of it is because of that 20-game schedule, to be honest with you.”

Where are you guys at overall right now? “We’ve played pretty good, but I don’t think we’ve peaked out. Last night, we had a good game at Troy. But going 40 minutes, we probably played 25 minutes of good basketball. The other 15 minutes were just so-so, and I’ve seen a lot of that this year. We watched back the film on the Western game here, and I don’t think us or Western played very good.”

What did you learn from the first game about WKU? “You’ve got to stop Govan and Gooch. If you don’t contain those two, you’re not going to win. They’ve got some good kids around them that play roles, much like we do. We’ve got Ice and Ebony Rowe and Kortni Jones, and then four or five other kids that just play roles around them. That’s what Michelle’s doing, too. We’ve both had success with it. If our superstars show up and the role players do what they’re supposed to do, it’s going to be a heck of a game for both of us.”


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