Postgame: MTSU reacts to 71-54 win at Western Kentucky

Here are postgame comments from Middle Tennessee coach Rick Insell, junior forward Ebony Rowe and senior forward Icelyn Elie after beating WKU 71-54 at E.A. Diddle Arena.


Grabbing offensive rebounds: “That’s what championship teams are supposed to do – put yourself in position to get one of those rebounds and finish it. Ebony and KeKe were able to do that. … KeKe is probably one of the best post players in the country that people don’t know about. When she gets the basketball, she can finish.”

Importance of beating WKU: “It’s always important to beat Western Kentucky. They’ve got great fans. We’ve got better fans. This is what you do to build the women’s game. They’re doing what they need to do here to build the women’s game, and we’re doing what we need to do at Middle Tennessee. More programs need to do that. Put these two types of programs together, it means something. I don’t know that they were playing for anything more than pride, and the same goes for us.”

What’s different with WKU this year from last year? “I’m not going to get into that. I don’t want to be negative. Teams sometimes hit these valleys and can’t get out of them. Maybe that’s what happened last year. Same group of players out there, and I’m sure Michelle infused some new strategies and enthusiasm.”

Jones stepping up late: “Kortni is just a fantastic young lady. She’s got her own way of doing things. Sometimes when she does it her way, it works out, and that’s bad usually. Sometimes when she does it our way – she’s unstoppable when she wants to be unstoppable.”

EBONY ROWE, junior forward

Beating WKU again: “It always means a lot. My parents are from here, my grandparents are here. A lot of my family was here supporting me. A couple of them have red on, so I’m a little upset with them, but it’s OK. It’s just a pride thing. It’s really strong teams, so we knew this one was going to be whoever wanted it most.”

ICELYN ELIE, senior forward

Offensive boards: “That was key going into this game. That was what was going to keep us in the game. They’ve got Gooch down there battling for everybody rebound, but boxing out and going to get the boards was our main thing today.”

Guarding Govan: “Govan is an awesome player, but from the beginning, it was staying focused and looking into my scout to know what she was going to do. I did an OK job on her until the second half.”


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