WKU’s Antonio Andrews, Xavius Boyd talk about first practice under Bobby Petrino

Also a few quick thoughts from WKU running back Antonio Andrews and linebacker Xavius Boyd on the first practice under Bobby Petrino:


How did things go out there? “It was a pretty good day. The guys are starting to pick up on the playbook. We’re still playing together as a team. Everybody’s head’s on straight, even with a new coaching staff, so things turned out good.”

What’s the biggest adjustment? “The biggest thing is getting used to how coaches coach you, how they approach. Sometimes you’ve got a yelling coach, sometimes you’ve got a soft-spoken coach. And then the game play – practice tempo done picked up a lot, put it that way.”

How’s your relationship with coach Petrino? “The main coach I talk to is coach (Kolby) Smith. That’s our position coach. Coach Petrino is with the quarterbacks the majority of the team, so you don’t see him a lot, but when you do see him, he makes his presence known.”


How was the first practice? “We’re going along good. Everybody’s just trying to get to know each other on a personal basis, as far as learning how they act, how they talk, how they coach you.”

How are players taking to coach Petrino? “We’re taking him real serious, I can tell you that.”

Has he talked to you all a lot about doing things the right way? “He really believes doing things right is going to get your far. So if you’re not doing things right in the classroom or your personal life, you really aren’t going to do things right on the field. You have to approach everything the right away.”


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