Blackman coach Shadowens discusses Bowling Green game on Tennessee podcast

Bowling Green football’s 26-25 win Friday night over Blackman (Tenn.) had plenty of controversy.

The Purples won on a 14-yard pass from Devin Hayes to Nacarius Fant with 35 seconds left, but plenty of the game’s buzz surrounded the six unsportsmanlike conduct/personal foul penalties Blackman was whistled for in the second half.

Blaze coach Philip Shadowens told the Murfreesboro (Tenn). Daily News Journal the officiating was “absolutely disgraceful.” You can read our whole story here.

Shadowens was a guest Saturday morning on WGNS Radio’s Coaches Corner Podcast in Tennessee, where he shared more comments about Friday’s events. You can listen to the full podcast here, and some of Shadowens’ comments are available below:

PHILIP SHADOWENS, Blackman football coach

“I can’t really say what I think, because that wouldn’t be appropriate for radio or the right thing to do. As I said in the paper – I didn’t plan on quoting at all in the paper, but (the Daily News Journal’s) Adam Sparks called me last night and asked for some quotes based on some things they had said, so I felt like I had to defend our kids, certainly.

“It was a disgrace to high school football. And after I get through talking about it today, I’m not going to talk about it anymore because I want to go about the playoffs. We had 120 yards in penalties, at least. They had five. It was a joke. It was pathetic. It was not about the kids, which is what high school sports is supposed to be about. It was a shame to see that happen. I thought our kids and their kids played with great effort. … It was great football game, but it was unfortunately controlled by a bunch of officials I guess decided they wanted it to be more about the state of Kentucky, I guess, than it was about high school football and high school athletes.”

“People on the radio would know that’s not my game, that’s not what we talk about it. It’s all about the kids and their opportunity to play. If the officials had been removed last night and just been normal human beings and let the kids play the game and not try to do what they did last night, it would have been great.”

** Shadowens also explains his side of the second-half penalties during the podcast in depth. Lot to transcribe, but you can listen above.

“At some point, I told the official we’ve been called for four unsportsmanlike and personal foul penalties all year long, and we were called for either seven or eight last night. It was nothing you can see. It was no obvious late hits or face masks. … We’re blessed to have a great school – lot of great coaches at our school in many sports and a lot of great kids at our school, so all the comments about how classless Blackman is and all those things that those idiots in Bowling Green said last night is a joke. Anybody that knows we’re competitive as heck. We’re going to compete and fight you and not back down from anything. That’s what our kids are about. But they’re also very classy kids, and unfortunately that wasn’t reciprocated last night.”


3 thoughts on “Blackman coach Shadowens discusses Bowling Green game on Tennessee podcast

  1. This Coach is the one who is a JOKE!!!!! The Officials should have called more unsportsmanship flags against them!!!!

  2. The only coach I saw push anyone was the BG coach who pushed the ref, but didn’t get a flag. We also have some great film showing the injustice. I have been involved in Football all my life. My sons play, my brother played for Nebraska and went on to play for the Chicago Bears and I never blame the officials. The entire game was a joke. BG Coach couldn’t handle being behind and lost it.

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