Lady Tops talk after 100-67 exhibition win over Glenville State

The Western Kentucky women’s basketball team took advantage of its opponent’s uptempo style Sunday, racing past Glenville State for a 100-67 win in its second exhibition game at E.A. Diddle Arena.

Glenville State attempted 79 shots, including 30 3-pointers, and frequently subbed five players at a time, but the Lady Tops made the most of several easy looks and shot 55.9 percent from the field.

They scored 100 points in a game for the first time since Jan. 27, 2010, against North Texas.

Eleven of 12 players for WKU scored, led by junior forward Chastity Gooch’s 22 points, seven rebounds and four assists. Junior guard Alexis Govan added 17 points and six rebounds.

Here are postgame comments from Gooch, sophomore guard Micah Jones, sophomore forward Jalynn McClain and coach Michelle Clark-Heard:


Playing against fast-paced team: “I think we did a great job. I think the game plan we came out with – we tried to zone-press them so they couldn’t get up early, quick 3s, and I think it worked. I was really proud of our girls in the beginning, the way we started the game. Just like every team, you hit a little lull and make some careless passes. Overall, I was really impressed with the starters when they came out.”

Start to the game: “It was huge. We talked before we came out that this was important for us to come out and have a good showing and get better, because the season is right around the corner.”

Playing lots of players: “We’ve still got to work out some kinks, but I was really excited and proud of the first group that they could put up the numbers they did so I could get a chance to put a lot of people in and play a lot of combinations.”

27 turnovers: “I think some of it was a lot of miscues on making bad passes. I’m on our team a lot about making bounce passes on the perimeter. We do that a lot, so we made some careless mistakes. But I’m not taking anything away from Glenville State. It’s a different type of defense we had to face, because they were running around everywhere, going to the boards.”


Playing uptempo game: “I think we came out and executed well. We had some points in the game where we didn’t do as great as we’d like to, but overall, we covered the 3, which is what we ultimately wanted to do. We didn’t let them score – 94 is what they averaged last year – so we kept them low.”

More on pace: “It was a fast-paced game, and we knew that going in. We knew we’d have to be mentally prepared. It was tough, and it was tiring, but we’ve got enough players that we can sub in when people get tired and need breaks.”

27 turnovers: “I thought we played into their game at some point. We started out and didn’t have many, and as the game went along, we turned it over more and more. That comes with focus. We’ve got to come out and be ready to play at all times, and we can’t have that lapse during games where we turn it over consecutive times.”


Her start to the season: “Most teams key in on Chas, so I feel like as long as I continue to work hard and play with confidence – let the game come to me – everything will be OK.”


Getting easy baskets early: “This team, they like to trap. There was always someone open, so we got the ball to the open person.”

Other players scoring: “It was really nice. We got to get the newcomers out there and get the feel, especially of this fast-paced game, because a lot of our games are going to be like that.”


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