Louisville coach Jeff Walz, WKU’s Chastity Gooch and Alexis Govan after Lady Tops’ 74-61 loss to No. 4 Cardinals

More from WKU’s 74-61 loss to No. 4 Louisville at Diddle Arena, with Cardinals coach Jeff Walz and WKU players Chastity Gooch and Alexis Govan.


On Louisville’s turnovers: “We’re good at that. We can turn the ball over with the best of them. We can come up with new ways – some I haven’t seen before. We definitely can make a basketball game very interesting.”

On WKU’s big run: “I knew Michelle would have her kids excited and play hard. For us, we’re in a situation right now where I’m still looking at rotations, trying to figure out what’s going to be our best scenario. We got off to a really good start, which we had not been doing, and then I made some substitutions, which was probably a bad decision on my part. We’ve got it 18-2 and then we give up back-to-back 3s to a kid we knew was a 3-point shooter. And then all of a sudden, it’s 22-8 and we don’t defend worth a lick, and we don’t execute at the offensive end. … At the same time, Michelle and her team deserve a lot of the credit for how hard they played and competed.”

On what he told Heard: “Her kids played hard. She did a great job preparing them. I thought the crowd was great. It was exciting. They got loud. She’s going to continue to build this and continue to do well, and it’s going to be a fun series to play.”

On extending series after initial two games: “Michelle and I will sit down this summer after the season’s over and talk about trying to continue it. Maybe we can find some new officials. Holy shit. I’m not saying they did bad. I’m just saying there might be some better ones available. I’ll get in trouble if I criticize them. I’m not criticizing them. Like some people think I don’t dress well. There are other options.”

Emotions of playing Heard during game: “I didn’t even think about it. You ask Michelle, she probably didn’t think about it either. You’re out there playing. You’re focused on your own team and trying to get better.”


Fighting back: “It says a lot. We fought really hard this game.”

Crowd of 3,725: “Tonight was very exciting. We had a lot of energy, thanks to the crowd. We would love to see that more often.”


Falling behind 18-2: “Coach Heard called that timeout and got us together and said, ‘Take a deep breath.’ Everybody looked at each other, took a deep breath and stepped out on the court and started all over.”

Dealing with Louisville’s press: “I think at first, it was more of us. We were really amped up, really excited. We just wanted to make it all happen at once – make the pass, make the shot to win the game. We just had to look at the press, calm down and realize we run the same press.”

On Gooch: “She took over. She got in the paint and dominated. She grabbed all the rebounds she could, finished, took people with her when she finished, got to the free-throw line, made free throws, which was big.”

On performing for crowd: “I think we gave them a show. Hopefully they see this game and want to come back for me. Hopefully we come back from break and get some students in here, too, and we can get Diddle jumping. That’s the goal.”

On fighting back: “We fought as hard as we could and as long as we could. We didn’t step back, and we didn’t cower down. They’re a good team, and we could’ve folded, like coach Heard kept telling us. We fought to the end.”


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