Michelle Clark-Heard talks Jackson State, Micah Jones’ progress

We met with WKU women’s basketball coach Michelle Clark-Heard today to discuss Sunday’s home game against Jackson State. Here are her thoughts on the team’s inconsistency, Jackson State and the progression of sophomore point guard Micah Jones:


Lots of good stretches of basketball and bad stretches of basketball. Looking for consistent performance? “That’s the part we’ve been focusing on as a coaching staff. We were trying to figure out, ‘Where are we at with that? Why do we struggle in the beginning, then we can come back in the second half and do the things we’re doing.’ We’ve been looking at some different things. I was a big proponent of Bianca McGee coming off the bench because she was a big spark off the bench for us, but we’re looking at different lineups so we can make sure we’re making the right adjustments.”

More on consistency: “I want to put 40 minutes together, across the board. Does that mean we’ll go an entire game with turnovers or stuff like that? No. But if we can just keep it to our goals we set, I think we can keep getting better.”

On Jackson State: “Very quick and very athletic. They’re very similar to Troy and how Troy plays. They get up and down the floor. They have guards who can get to the basket. Don’t shoot it as well from the 3 as Troy does, but they’re very athletic.”

Not letting teams force WKU to play too fast: “I want us to get up and down the floor. I want us to score points. But I also want us to be disciplined in a lot of different ways. When you play a team that plays as fast-paced as that and can maybe score off the second or third pass, that makes you speed your game up, too. Sometimes that’ll take away from what we’re trying to do.”

On Micah Jones: “I’m really proud of impressed with the way Micah has come back. I thought that was going to happen, from the time the season ended through the summer time. She was working out every single day, working on her shot, conditioning – everything. I’m happy to see it’s paying off for her. She’s become very confident in running the team.”

More on Jones: “That’s not her personality. She’s not a big talker on the floor. She leads a lot by example. But she’s grown in so many ways, from coming to the university and not knowing she was going to have to play the point, to being our point. I really, truly believe she is our point guard.”

Has it gotten easier to convince Jones to shoot? “I think that’s kind of in her – no, it hasn’t. I don’t know if it will. She shoots it so well, and she doesn’t understand sometimes that she’s a big part of what we’re trying to do, and that I want her to keep shooting it. She’s getting more comfortable with it.”


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