Baylor coach Kim Mulkey tells ESPN she’ll watch game vs. WKU at home on TV

Just wanted to pass along a couple of comments from Baylor coach Kim Mulkey, who was interviewed live during the NCAA Selection Show on ESPN on Monday night.

Mulkey won’t be able to coach Baylor against WKU on Saturday in the NCAA tournament as she serves a one-game tournament suspension stemming from publicly criticizing referees after last year’s loss to Louisville in the Sweet 16.


Her team this year: “I do enjoy this team, and the reason I do – every coach needs to be able to go to practice and enjoy seeing their faces, and not have to deal with issues off the floor. This team, we knew was going to be young and inexperienced, but they’re good kids, and they’re fun to be around. … That just makes coaching fun, and then when you win basketball games and do things people maybe didn’t expect, it puts icing on the cake for you.”

Not being able to coach first game: “Actually, I haven’t talked to the team in-depth about me not coaching in the first game. What I’m going to do is what it on television at home. I’ll be at all the other parts of the game day, as the NCAA has told me I’m allowed to. I can even scout the other two teams when they play, but I won’t be in the gym that day to even do that. I’m going to watch on television. We’re going to prepare them. I have a tremendous coaching staff, and as I tell the players all the time, something could happen to me on that sideline, and you should be able to coach yourself. I have no doubt they’ll do a great job.”


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