From Baylor side: Coach Mulkey: ‘Home courts don’t guarantee wins’


About being in Notre Dame’s region: “You never want to be in a region where you have to go play somebody and beat them on their home floor, but we’re not going to worry about that at this point. We’re going to think about Western Kentucky. I have lots and lots of memories of playing those guys back when I was at Louisiana Tech.”

Not being able to coach against WKU: “It’s difficult, but yet, it’s not as bad as you think because if you prepare them, those kids can go out there and win a basketball game. They don’t need us on that sideline but maybe every now and then to call a timeout and make a few adjustments.”

Remember anything about WKU? “It’s not the same coaches. Paul Sanderford was there. Jeff Walz was an assistant there. There were some tremendous battles between Louisiana Tech and Western Kentucky in the day, but they’re not there anymore. So we’ve got to go study what they do. If they won the conference … we’ll do our work. You’ve got to be pretty good if you’re one of the 64, because you don’t just waltz into a conference tournament and win games in that many games and not be very good or well-coached.”

More talk about not being in UConn region, being in Notre Dame’s: “But I’m gonna tell you, now. We can’t keep talking about that because I’ve got a young group that’s never been in the playoffs. We have to take care of business here in Waco. … Home courts don’t guarantee victories.”


Transitioning to life without Brittney Griner: “Last year, with Brittney Griner being on the inside, she made the game unfair. It was easy to get it inside to her. Throw three or four defenders at her, and she was still able to score. This year, we’re focusing more on pick-and-roll, getting transition buckets, 3s. We’re trying to spread the floor a little bit more.”

Handling defensive attention: “My coaches and my teammates do a great job in practicing of helping me see all kinds of defenses. They throw three, four people at me, anything to get the ball out of my hands. It forces my teammates to score. They’re stepping up and doing a really good job.”

Loss to Louisville last year: “Just thinking about the game, it still makes me mad that we were right there and lost by one. Going into this season, I used that to motivate me.”

Playing WKU without Mulkey: “We haven’t really talked about her not coaching. I think coach Mulkey will handle it well. Our coaching staff will handle it well. We’ll do just fine. We’re still going to practice hard the whole week, and come Saturday, we’ll be ready to play.”


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