Baylor says Western Kentucky better than 15 seed as Lady Bears win 87-74 on their home court

Haven’t had a chance to fully go back through Baylor’s postgame comments myself yet, but here is some of what they had to say, as provided by the NCAA:


Baylor Associate Head Coach Bill Brock

Opening Statement:

“I want to commend Western Kentucky on a great performance. They had a great year. They had won 10 in a row coming in here and I thought they played outstanding tonight. I thought that was one of the better shooting performances that anyone has come in here as an opponent and done on our floor. That was just a great shooting performance by their team. They never did quit. We made some very timely runs there. I thought our team should be commended for the way about the last three and a half minutes of the game went, for the way they controlled the clock. We really did a great job of knowing time and score and they should be commended for that. I just really appreciate their efforts tonight. We’re just looking forward now to having a chance to play on Monday night against Cal.”

On standing ovation and crowd support during the game:

“When I walked out there and the fans started standing and clapping, that made me relax a little bit, I have to be honest with you. I think that’s a big advantage of playing at home and I think tonight that our fans reacted like they are—they are educated basketball fans—and every time we needed their support they were on their feet and clapping. I just thought Western Kentucky made several runs at us and it’s sort of like the old analogy in football where you bend and bend and you don’t ever break and I thought we were bending a little bit tonight. They would keep coming at us and pushing at us and attacking us but we never did break and we always had the answer. I thought our fans were fantastic tonight and I think they will be here in even more numbers on Monday. I hope what they’re doing is coming to this game right now, making plans to getting up tomorrow and driving to San Antonio and getting our men to the Sweet 16 then getting back up here on Monday night and cheering us on so we have a chance to get to the Sweet 16.”

On Odyssey Sims’ and Nina Davis’ performances compared to the other players:

“I think everyone had plenty of opportunities to score, I just think we uncharacteristically missed a few shots tonight that we normally do hit from the perimeter. I really wasn’t caught up, I wasn’t looking at a board, I had no idea that Nina and Odyssey both had 30 ever. I just knew this: if you get Odyssey Sims in a one-on-one situation with the ball in her hands good things have a chance to happen. She did that in the middle of the floor two or three times. “

On facing Cal:

“Cal is super athletic at every spot on the floor. It’s going to be a pretty good matchup with their point guard and our point guard. You better rebound the basketball if you want to stay in the game with Cal because they just dominated the boards against Fordham. I think you’re going to a lot of resemblance in them and us. They play eight players; we play nine players. I think it’s going to be a very, very good basketball game but one thing we’ve got to improve on is we’ve got to play better post defense on Monday night. If we don’t then (Reshanda) Gray from California is going to have a field day.”

Baylor Senior Guard Odyssey Sims

On first round opponent Western Kentucky:

“Coach Mulkey told us that they were better than a 15-seed and they were. Give credit to them, their defense was good. They kept making runs when we were trying to pull away. Number 30 she kept attacking and trying to find ways to get buckets. Give credit to them they are a very good team and they had a very good year.”

On the benefits of playing a tight first round game:

“I think that we will learn from it. I think there was a lot of things that we didn’t do well down the stretch when they made runs. We’ll just keep getting better. This is what we needed to open up the tournament. As I said Western Kentucky was a very good team. They played us hard and they played us to the very end. It’s not easy it’s tournament time. No team will be a blowout I don’t think. I think it will come down to the very end.”

Baylor Freshman Forward Nina Davis

On having Coach Brock on the sidelines as opposed to Coach Mulkey:

“It was different. It was different not seeing her face on the sideline, her voice screaming and hollering at us. But Coach Brock did an outstanding job today and he coached us well and we came out with the win so the way I look at it, he could be the head coach next game for all I care.”

On dominating the paint tonight:

“At the beginning of the game when I started taking it to the goal, I found out that I was faster than the guy that was guarding me, so my teammates started feeding me the ball and I was just trying to use my quickness to get around them. And they pretty much worked through me for the night.”

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